Top 35 gift ideas for teenagers – by teenagers!

Top 35 gift ideas for teenagers – by teenagers!

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Geez, teenagers are hard to buy for. And expensive! We don’t do a huge Christmas here at our place. We spend time together and appreciate each others company.

The best gift you can give your teens is your time and your understanding. But, it’s always nice put something under the tree that they actually want right!? 

I asked my three teeenagers (girls and boys) and their friends … what were the top gifts they wanted for Christmas … and the results might surprise you! (or not!… ha ha ha ).

Price guide (guide only):

$ Under $25

$$ Under $100

$$$ Over $100

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase. I only recommend products I love 💛

1. Bondi Sands Fake Tan $

There’s always a lot of fake tanning going on in our house with ball season and events coming up… this one’s a favourite amongst the girls for sure.

bondi tan lotion

2. Skinerals Padded Microfiber Applicator Self Tanning Mitt Set $

And… if a girl’s gonna fake tan … she needs to make sure she’s exfoliated!

skinerals loofah mitt

3. Petrol vouchers

This one kinda surprised me.. but then again.. when I was a teen this was a biggy… My two oldest do some nights as a sober driver for their friends who might be having a drink at a party, they tend to take it in turns amongst their groups … so good ❤️! So, this ones a given.

4. GHD Hair Curlers $$$

I had a pair of GHD’s for ten years! until one of my daughters friends stood on them and they finally gave up. GHD’s are the bomb! a little pricey… yes, but so worth it IMHO.

5. iPhone 11 $$$

Always on the list. The new iPhone 11 is pretty cool though. It’s got face ID and is a little more streamlined than the 10. The purple is really popular, as is the red!

6. Money

No surprises here. My sons about to go out flatting for the first time! yikes! and wants his first tattoo. So, he’s saving up.

7. Boh Runga Silver Lotus Pendant $$$

This is super cute…. 🧡💜💚❤️💙 and… Boh (the designer) is a gorgeous NZ born music artist….

8. Calvin Klein Trunks $

Calvin Kleins are the go to in our house… they are a bit more pricey… BUT hear me out! they last! forever!

9. Kukoo Cell & Credit Card Purse $

I want this for myself 🤣

10. Morphe Brushes 35F Fall Into Frost Palette $$

Every girl loves a good palette. Even though I don’t wear makeup.. only on special occasions and then only very little… I love the thought of palettes.. they are so pretty… maybe it’s the artist in me? Morphe is the go to brand for the girls right now…

11. Morphe Brush Set Collection Vacay Mode With Tubby Storage Case $$

And… a set of great brushes… these will last forever x

12. Ranphykx Silicon Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad $

And… you’ve got to keep those precious brushes in great shape!… these are awesome!

13. Michael Kors Leather Wristlet Wallet $$

Supppperrr cute! couldn’t resist putting this one in here…

14. YCL Jewels Gold Star Sign Necklace $$$

Necklaces are definitely a thing, and I am in love iwht the workmanship and wulaity of YCL right now. These come in all different vaiations of star signs.. and are gorgeous.

15. Ragdoll Black Jogger Pant $$$

I love these! They’re super stylish and just what the girls are wearing right now. Plus, they come in lots of different colours.

16. Tulum Shouldered Bikini $$

It’s coming into Summer in the Sothern hemisphere … and every fgirl needs a couple of sets of bikinis… these are simply divine.

17. Mario Cable Bites $

These are the cutest things ever! and they help to protect your kids phone chargers from wearing out which in my book is a good buy!

18. Star Wars Pop Vinyls $

I’m obsessed with Pop Vinyls and have half a dozen of my own. My teen boy has a whole shelf full! and loves them! These are great gifts as they are also collectable and some go up in value.

19. Hair Scrunchies $

Because a girl (or a guy) can never have too many hair ties.. am I right?

20. Nike Air Force One Sneakers $$$

These are really cute and I’m pretty sure they make one for women too.

21. Inflatable Loungers $$

Great for parties… and beaches… and bedrooms…

22. Nintendo Switch Lite $$$

My kids had the original nintendos years and years ago and have recently gone back to the Switch Lites… so much fun and tonnes of games available.

23. Portable charger $

Your saving grace when the battery is dying on trips, at grandmas, at the beach…

24. Laneige Lip Gloss $

This one’s not actually a lip gloss but I use it for a gloss. Its super moisturizing and stays on pretty well and it is super glossy!

25. UEboom Portable Speaker $$$

We have 3 of these babies in our house! and they get rotated around depending on who’s is charged or not! They are super handy especially for BBQ’s or up the ski field.

26. Vans Classic Slip on Sneakers $$

We literally had a version of these as kids… the original kung fu shoes!

27. Yoga and Exercise Mat $

My kids are always stealing my yoga mat for stretching, or an at home workout. These are cheap and are a great gift idea!

28. Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing $$$

Ahem.. this might be on my Christmas list… anyhoe…. teens are loving this right now …

29. Najo Simple Hoop Earrings $$$

These are great! Simple and stylish and you can steal them when you need to!

30. Dior Sauvage $$

Not too overpowering for the boys! (or for the ladies 🤣 )

31. Miss Dior Perfume $$

Really lovely and not too strong. This will become a favourite for sure!

32. Ruby Corvette Trousers $$$

These are alllll the rage right now in New Zealand. Not sure if the craze has swept the world.. but all the girls want these pants.

33. Nike Customized Sneakers $$$

Ugh… I would have loved to have designed MY OWN SNEAKERS when I was a teenager!

34. Stolen Girlfriends Club Silver Baby Stolen Heart Ring $$$

This one’s gorgeous! They are a New Zealand based company… but ship internationally… such a sweet gift!

35. Beats Over Ear Headphones $$$

These are super comfy and much easier on the ears than the ones that sit directly on your ears. Trust me!

Money/cash was a no brainer really for the list ha ha ha … they always need money… and this was no surprise to me at all… but petrol vouchers was a surprise!

A few kids even said multi packs of socks…specifically the boys! 

A couple of my favourite products listed above come from AUD or NZ stores… but pretty much all of them should ship internationally. 

Whatever your budget for gift giving, remember it’s the time you take to connect that matters most. ❤️

4 thoughts on “Top 35 gift ideas for teenagers – by teenagers!”

    • ha ha ha … yes! same here… I just got my teenage son some earrings from Stolen Girlfriends Club for his birthday … while he wants money, he’ll still love these and it’s nice to give them something they appreciate x

  • This is a great mix of gift ideas. You’ve included options for boys and girls at many different price points. This will be a great help for parents, grandparents, etc.

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