How to audit your life and live with intention

How to audit your life and live with intention

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So many things have changed for me as I’ve grown older. In my twenties everything seemed like it had to be done now! I spent a fair amount of time at Uni back then and was full steam into educating myself and becoming a better person.

My thirties was having babies and solidifying my career… it was also the decade where burnout was ever looming… three kids under 5 and multiple startups kept me on my toes… But also made me cranky and I certainly didn’t feel like I was doing all the things at 100% all the time.

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But then I hit 40 and I started to really evaluate my priorities. I started to think about what I valued the most. And I actually knew that now was the time that I ended to make some hard calls on what I spent my time doing.

It wasn’t enough to do all the things! I had to choose. I had to make a dedicated plan to ensure that I didn’t look back in another ten years time and regret spending -time on the wrong things.

Life audits are tough. You might come to realise that you’ve been spending far too long on things that actually provide little real value to you in terms of your goals… or your long term future… but done right, completing a life audit can open up a whole lot of doors that you never knew were available to you.

How to audit your life

1. Take stock of your values and beliefs 

This is the first step towards living with true intention is to first take stock of your beliefs and values. What is it that really matters to you? This will form the basis of your life audit and will give you clues as to the things that will provide the most meaning and fulfillment for you in your life.

What is not negotiable for you in your life and how you live?

Why is it important to you to live consciously?

How do you want to show up for yourself and your loved ones every single day?

Take a few moments to write down what’s most important to you in your life. What are the things that form the foundations of who you really are and why are these things so important to you. Step back and check whether how you spend your days is in line with these things? Are there aspects of your life that could use a tweak? 

5 easy steps to audit your life

2. Find your true why

This will lead to your what! Sometimes it’s easier to go to the real source behind what you spend your time doing. Given enough thought, and really drilling down into your why will allow you to come to the realisation of what it is you really want in life. Asking yourself why over and over again will uncover the passion behind your purpose. 

What is it that you want to do? Do you want to start a business? Run a blog? Create or make something?

Ask yourself why… three times…. Then see what your real reasoning is behind your passions. You might be surprised at the real reasoning behind your passions! You might find that your real why gives you the kick and the motivation to change gears! Or… you might find that your why is not in line with your values? 

3. Assess your commitments

Make yourself a list of all the things that you are committed to. Sports, charities, volunteer work, career, family commitments, hobbies, social activities, household commitments… every single thing that you are doing every single day….

Look at this long and hard…are you living with intention? Are there things on this list that don’t line up with your values and beliefs? Are there actions and commitment here that are out of line with your real why? Are there things here that are unnecessary or have run their course? 

Is there a way to simplify or streamline any of your non moveable commitments? 

4. Minimise distractions

Now you know your what and your why, it’s important to start thinking of ways to truly capture every moment in your day and live life with intention.

Did you discover your real why was to live a peaceful and balanced life?

Or, is your real reason to spend more time with your family?

Whatever your true why is… make sure you’re streamlining your life to ensure you are focussing on the right things.

Declutter your cupboards, your wardrobe and your kitchen. Make room for the things that are important and necessary to creating your life of intention. Get rid of items that no longer serve their purpose or that create roadblocks to you achieving your passions.

Establish some new daily routines or habits to get yourself into the mindset of focusing on what truly matters. Cut out those habits that are holding you back. Junk food making you cranky? Rushing from place to place? Not taking time for yourself?

Remove the habits and distractions that are holding you back and replace them with healthier habits.

Create a morning routine that makes you feel calm and peaceful… maybe get up a little earlier and meditate or go for a walk or a run by yourself… meal prep on a Sunday so that you’re not frantic every morning looking for lunches…. Organize your closet into a workable capsule wardrobe that you can easily pick great outfits from that make you feel great….

It’s soooo freeing to remove the shit in your life that weighs you down… and replace it with good stuff… trust me- you’ll feel lighter and more in control! 

steps to audit your life and live with intention

5. Live with purpose

Knowing your true why and making steps towards living your life daily with purpose and intention starts with your mindset, your physical environment and your attitude! 

Creating space in your day and in your home to live the life you deserve allows for a sense of calm. But you also need to make subtle shifts in the way you think! 

Knowing what your why is and actively living with intention are two separate things and the later takes practice! It’s so easy for us to fall back into rubbish habits… To rush… To forget who we really are… to not give ourselves our full attention, to not give our best selves to our world and our loved ones.

But taking time to stop and assess where your head is at is a great way to realign yourself with your purpose.

Slow down! Savour the moments. Move from one thing to the next with intention. Keep yourself your number one priority.

Noone is perfect ! And I’m far, far from it. But I know that slowing down and being incredibly mindful of just how I’m spending my time and why I do what I do has proved to be an incredibly powerful driving force for me this year. 

Living with intention is one way we can honour ourselves and those we love… we can be more present and more aligned to our true purpose when we take the time to stop and plan our lives. 

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