Leadership and vulnerability during Covid19

Leadership and vulnerability during Covid19

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I’ve always tried to lead with my heart. Opt for relationships first, above all else. After all, we are all human right?

And if nothing else we are all doing our best to make our way in this world. For the most part, this has served me well. But more than anything it has given me lasting and meaningful relationships with those people in my circle that endure today.

My theory is that there is nothing more important in life than being yourself. The messy, the feelings, the complicated and the awesome. It’s all we are. I wear my heart on my sleeve and that makes me vulnerable. Sometimes good, sometimes not.

But, I’d rather live my life with authenticity and meaning, than carve myself into some kind of mould, not fit for me.

I currently have a husband working from home amidst this covid 19 lockdown. He’s using MY office… which is a bit shit… but he reckons we can share. Lol, not going to happen. I like my space and he doesn’t quite get that me being in my beautiful, calming and serene office WITH him isn’t quite the same for my mind.

He’s leading a large team remotely, and works in the public sector. Not notoriously known for being a fan of remote working the public sector has had to reevaluate how they get shit done.

Thing is. He’s thriving. He’s happy and chill and takes regular breaks to make food and check in on the kids. He’s holding multiple zoom calls daily and conducting interviews and forums online. But, is less stressed than I’ve seen him in ages.

No surprise really. I’ve worked remotely for many years now and the idea that we can fold our lives into our work makes sense. The theory that we don’t have to be a 9-5 office worker. Desk bound in our corporate attire is nothing new to me.

Get this. The way most of us work requires a filter. A filter on who we are, what we stand for, how we live. A filter on our own lives and a filter on who we really are.

Despite the values and culture that our organisation may aspire to. We all still have to tow an imaginary line that dictates our public persona. With the lockdown we are now much more public. Much more exposed and much more vulnerable. I guess because we’re all in the same boat it’s easier for us all to strip back our layers and show our true selves?

Leadership to me is about vulnerability and authenticity. I wonder if post Covid19 we will see more of this in our leaders? more empathy, more willingness to expose our feelings, more depth of human emotion?

Leadership is about trust and right now we are opening ourselves to showing that it’s ok to be sad, messy, afraid even. It’s ok to be worried about being a good parent, a good partner, paying the bills….getting sick… it’s ok to feel down or up, to feel confused or overwhelmed. We are showing those around us it’s ok to be human. To be real.

And in turn they are showing up as their true selves. If nothing else, this unveiling of humanity is in fact a beautiful thing.

My hope is that this prevails. That we allow ourselves to continue to be vulnerable.

We encourage each other to keep talking and checking in on one another.

We keep kindness in our hearts.

We show up to the world as our true and authentic selves and we don’t feel the need for filters.

We offer the world our truest form in all its scrappy and perfectly imperfect glory. After all.

The world needs you. 💛

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