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Write for us

We’re on the hunt for women who have something to say and something to share.

We’re looking for insightful and meaningful topics about women’s mindset, wellbeing, families, raising children, healthy food, simple living, minimalism and self development as it pertains to being an introvert.

You needn’t be a ‘writer” to write for us. You just need passion and authenticity. Have something to say? Get in touch!

What makes a great article?

Personal and lived experience. Authenticity and honesty. A passion for what you have to say.

Write from the heart. If it sounds like writing… it’s too formal. Write as you would speak to a good friend. Invite the reader into your life and your experience.

Lists are great. As are clear messages. Lots of white space and headers. Leave your reader with something to ponder. Give them their moment of realisation or confirmation.

Make sure you conclude the article with clear lessons or insights.

Articles should be no less than 1200 words and preferably no more than 3500 words long.

Include links to your blog, Instagram or Facebook page. We want to promote you! You’ll get up to three do follow backlinks when you write for us.

Message us on our Facebook or Instagram page below to chat about your ideas.