Show up, move forward

Show up, move forward

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So, here’s the thing. You don’t need to create a new empire during this tough, tough time. You don’t need to pivot your biz, or start a new company.

You can simply be. Be present and be connected.

But, here’s the caveat. Show up.

Right now, shit sucks. Really sucks. People are losing their livelihoods and families are losing loved ones. It doesn’t get much crappier than that. And, while I’m here to tell you that you needed do all the things, or in fact be all the things, you do have to do one thing.

Be yourself. And, be the best version of yourself there is.

The world needs you right now, and it needs you to be the fully authentic and brilliantly whole you that resides deep inside.

Show up for yourself, for your friends and family, and for your community right now. Show up and dig deep. Find that unique thing within that is truly yours and yours alone and offer that gift to not only the world, but to yourself as well.

Be present. Be at peace. Be at ease. And find that true and authentic you that lights you up.

Thing is. It’s OK to wear Jammies all day. It’s OK to nap mid afternoon. It’s OK to drop the homeschooling and opt for rest and imagination. BUT. Part of self care and self preservation is staying in motion in some way. Moving forwards. Not staying stuck.

When you look back at this time who do you want to see?

So, today, show up. Move forward.

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