The power of the seemingly simple act of decision making

The power of the seemingly simple act of decision making

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Decision making. We all make countless automatic and almost unconscious decisions daily. But when it comes to the big stuff, our future, our family and our happiness we can often become paralysed with fear over making the wrong choice.

I made a list at the beginning of this year with some relatively minor and some HUGE things on it that I wanted for my life and my families lives this year. 14 things I wanted to achieve. I’ve already checked off three out of 14 of those things… one minor… a trip away with hubby for his birthday … “making time to get away”… and two MAJOR.. one losing 4 kg in the past month.. and one to invest in my families future… life changing, BIG ticket items.

Thing is … this year I did one thing differently. One simple thing that propelled me forward and started me on the journey to achievement. I MADE A DECISION. That’s it … it’s that simple.

I made a decision to do something and I followed through. I didn’t waver on whether or not to make the investment. I had already decided I was going to do it. Then set in motion actions to make it happen. Some simple steps to move me closer to my goal.

Did it happen faster than I anticipated? Hell yes! but, I was ready. Because, I had made up my mind that it was a decision that I wanted. I had put it on my list and I had agreed with myself that it was a real live thing. Then it happened.

I can’t fathom how bloody powerful the act of decision making is.

I also made a decision to lose some weight. I MADE THE DECISION. I didn’t wish it… nor did I hope to lose weight or try to lose weight. I made a firm choice that this was a thing. A real thing. Something I wanted. So, each time I think about getting off this path… I remember that I made a choice to do this. And my decision mattered. It was not negotiable. 4 kg gone in a month.

Sometimes in life it’s as simple as actually making a decision, to make a decision! – then sticking to it. Once you’ve made a decision to change your future, you’re all in. And you move forward to achieve those dreams.

Maybe super slowly, one step at a time learning along the way, maybe, at times, faster and with pace and certainty.

Whatever you do, decide to choose. Letting life and your irrational brain make things up as you go isn’t getting you to your goals. Choose your future and your destiny.

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