7 Simple steps to self care

7 Simple steps to self care

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No bullshit, warm baths or cups of tea here! Just some simple and sage self care tips on how to get your mind and body back into equilibrium when you’re feeling a bit meh… although I must say that this list seems to be my main staple through life at any juncture. It keeps me sane and focussed.

It’s been a long road to find things that keep me centred. Centred enough to not quel the innate desire in my heart to follow my passions and purpose, but just enough to keep me focussed on achieving the life I deserve.

So, here you go… 7 self care tips that help my introverted mind stay calm, focussed and at peace with my world and myself.

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7 essential steps to self care

1. Sleep, nap or rest when you need to

It’s not weak or lazy to take the time your body and mind needs to recuperate. Sometimes you don’t need any excuse at all. We get stuck in busy and forget we are human beings, not human doings!

Take that nap… sneak away on a Sunday afternoon for a snooze, and sleep in when you want to… it’s imperative that we get enough rest and good quality sleep. It’s one of the simplest things we can do to take good care of ourselves.

2. Feel your emotions, but don’t stay there too long

Its vital that we allow ourselves to sit in our feelings. When a feeling comes up I don’t push it away… angry? be angry! sad? Let yourself sit with that a while.

BUT. And here’s the thing… I can also choose to allow an emotion to pass and move through it. I can sit with my feelings, then gently move them on once I’ve experienced them. Allowing yourself to move on isn’t pushing things under the carpet, it’s allowing yourself the room and space to not dwell, but to feel and to actively allow yourself to move onto the next thing.

3. Slow down, be present with your actions

There is zero point in falling into bed at the end of the day exhausted and wound up from a day that was frantic. Rushing from one thing to the next doesn’t serve you well.

Allow yourself to experience life, not just endure it. Move slower, more deliberately and let yourself be in the present instead of jumping to the next thing and the next and the next… slowing down allows us to be in the moment. And when you truly get down to it… the moment is all we really have, right?

4. Create momentum, make decisions

Gawddd this one’s BIG. So, there’s one thing that I’ve learned recently and that’s the power in making a flocking decision. It doesn’t matter how big or small. Just decide then move forward with that decision with grace and purpose.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t change your mind! that too is a decision… but don’t sit in inaction or indecisiveness too long. There’s freedom in making choices.

5. Be grateful for what you have right now

Geez, this ones tried and true right? But, it makes a huge difference. You can’t be simultaneously grateful and wanting in the same moment. Your mind simply can’t compute that. Sit in gratitude daily. I like to run through my bubbles… myself… my immediate security… my family… wider community, then move to the greater things like the world and life itself!

You can simply start with the here and now, a warm blanket, your dog by your side, your son in the kitchen making a snack! 💛 (actually happening right now 🤣)

6. Be the authentic you, the world needs you right now

There’s a freedom and a sense of relief or even release from allowing yourself to be the true and real human you were born to be. We all have a filter for all sorts of occasions that we are seemingly required to apply to ourselves in order for the world to keep spinning.

But, I’m here to tell you that you are doing yourself a massive disservice by not allowing your true and unique self to shine. You were put on this planet for a reason, use it.

7. Take joy in the mundane

Ok here we go ! Cooking dinner, hanging out the washing, making the bed, driving the kids to soccer! It’s all not going away right? We can either make a choice to be here, be joyful in the way we make our way through the world or we can choose to drag our heals through the everyday.

You GET to do the washing because you have electricity and water, you GET to drive your kids to soccer because you have the financial means to own a car and pay subs, you GET to make your family dinner because you have an income, food in your cupboard and a home to keep you safe. See the change!?

I truly hope that you find some useful tips in this post to help you slow down, be more present and take better care of yourself. It’s so easy to rush through each day, moving onto the next thing … forgetting that our moments, days and weeks and months all add up to years.

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